Thursday, August 21 2008

New EP now available

Our new EP is now available in CD form from Darla in the US and Norman Records, amongst others, for Europe, you can also download it here (

“This is the third, and last, of a trilogy of E.P.s the Clientele have recorded for Acuarela. They have always used the Acuarela E.P.s as a way to stretch out between albums, to create a through-the-looking-glass version of the band that shadows the better-known history of their albums. ‘Ariadne’ experimented with drones and minimalism, ‘The Lost Weekend’ stretched the foggy sound of their debut to epic proportions. In contrast “That Night, a Forest Grew’ is the most commercial and -shockingly- danceable thing they’ve ever recorded. Part Bacharach, part Television, part Orange Juice, the E.P. shares the pristine clarity, light and shade of ‘God Save the Clientele’, but adds a new element of summer pop perfection. This is The Clientele as a hazily remembered 1970s cartoon series, all distanced off-key colours; imaginary summer hits, radio waves beamed in from a dream-discotheque.”

“Dark and slightly sinister, the title track envelopes the protagonist and his negotiation of unfamiliar settings both likely real (a London fog) and possibly imagined (the forest of the title), locating sides of suburban England that the group had yet to articulate. All in all, it’s another charming and fully satisfying release from one of the world’s more unsung and quietly wonderful bands.”  -


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