Tuesday, August 12 2008

Country Music for Keith Girdler

“Breathe in Now”, a previously unheard outtake from Strange Geometry, is now available on the Country Music for Keith Girdler CD, a tribute to the late Keith Girdler of Blueboy. This is a great compilation, also featuring Louis Philippe, Club 8, Biff Bang Pow, The Times, and the Trembling Blue Stars as well as many others. All profits go to the hospice in Hove where Keith spent his last days.

In other news, apologies to anyone who missed us at Expo Zaragoza; an earlier accident involving a sound technician caused our performance there to be cancelled. It was moved at the last minute to a bar in town, but apologies if you were there and didn’t get the details in time, there was very little we could do.

Still waiting for details on the new EP release date. It will be posted when we are told more (or indeed, anything).  


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