Monday, April 21 2008

New E.P. / Bookshop Casanova European release

Bookshop Casanova, our US summer single for 2007, looks set to get a summer 2008 release for the UK and Europe. It will be digital only I’m afraid but you can download exclusive track Girl From Somewhere and our cover of Television’s "The Fire" as part of the package. There is also a nice graphic of an Owl sculpture from New Mexico as the cover, which is currently behind glass in the spooky Victorian-style Pitt-Rivers Museum in Oxford. Download details when we get them.

Oh yeah, almost forgot, there is an all-new Clientele E.P. coming up too, the first recordings we’ve made since God Save the Clientele. It will be released byAcuarela Records of Madrid (the third E.P. we’ve done with them and the last part of a trilogy). We’ve always used our Acuarela E.P.s to stretch out a little bit between albums and create a kind of a through-the-looking glass version of the Clientele, and this will be no exception, but this time with the poppiest songs we’ve ever recorded. More details when we finish and send off the tapes! 


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