Sunday, July 1 2007

Interesting developments

Hello! NZ and Australian shows are now detailed in the live section, plus a tour of Sweden / Norway and a couple of festivals. There will be lots more shows coming up, including a possible return to the US of A in the not-too-distant future. After all, there's no point staying away now England has become smoke-free.

Meanwhile you can watch us play stuff on the radio here at the 893 the Current, which was a lot of fun to do; and get interviewed, spliced and cut up, but still show huge insomniac under-eye bags here at the Yahoo Music studios in Santa Monica. 

The UK release of God Save the Clientele in September, will be accompanied by a 7" single version of "Bookshop Casanova", with two unreleased tracks, one of them a cover of "The Fire" by Television. We even made a video, so don't mess around folks, buy it when it comes out, or we'll be in nighmarish levels of debt. Just kidding. More news soon, take care.


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