Thursday, March 29 2007

Clientele - US Tour 2007

New US tour dates now posted! New songs available to listen to on our Myspace page. Watch this space for a newer, bigger and better Clientele website!

Friday, May 4 2007

Que Vida!

Welcome to the new Clientele website! there's lots going on at the moment for us, including a US tour, a new album, a London show with Dean and Britta and an appearance at the Benicassim festival in Valencia. Watch this space for details of our first trip to Australia and New Zealand too. That just about made me run out of breath so I'll go away now.

Sunday, July 1 2007

Interesting developments

Hello! NZ and Australian shows are now detailed in the live section, plus a tour of Sweden / Norway and a couple of festivals. There will be lots more shows coming up, including a possible return to the US of A in the not-too-distant future. After all, there's no point staying away now England has become smoke-free.

Meanwhile you can watch us play stuff on the radio here at the 893 the Current, which was a lot of fun to do; and get interviewed, spliced and cut up, but still show huge insomniac under-eye bags here at the Yahoo Music studios in Santa Monica. 

The UK release of God Save the Clientele in September, will be accompanied by a 7" single version of "Bookshop Casanova", with two unreleased tracks, one of them a cover of "The Fire" by Television. We even made a video, so don't mess around folks, buy it when it comes out, or we'll be in nighmarish levels of debt. Just kidding. More news soon, take care.


Tuesday, August 14 2007

PB & J

New US tour dates now added. Other than the festivals, and the Austin TX show, these are all in support of Peter Bjorn and John, so come early-ish! 


Tuesday, October 2 2007

From Brighton Beach to Great Yarmouth

This week, ‘God Save the Clientele’ was released in the UK, the country we are from, and also the last place in the world not to have already had the chance to buy it and write us love letters. So anyone British come out and see us as we tour, we gotta dispell this feeling that we’re living in a schizophrenic parallel dimension where NO MATTER HOW LOUD WE SHOUT no one HEARS US.

The rest of you foreign devils, carry on as you are. Oh and don’t forget to check out our 6music session with Gideon Coe. Lots of love, the Clientele. xx


Tuesday, October 23 2007

From Bognor Regis to Dumfries and Galloway

That was fun! The Broken Family Band are top fellows and King Tut’s treated us like princes. It was also good to conclude, over several visits to the Carling Academies that disfigure the British landscape, once and for all, beyond question: Carling beer makes you a. tired b. fat and c. not drunk. Not sober exactly, but definitely not drunk, it seems to take you somewhere new and rather dark.  

Alright, ignore my rantings

proper news and the last shows of the year coming soon!


Sunday, December 9 2007

Happy Christmas

Apparently I’m not allowed to say "Xmas" cos it doesn’t mean anything, although I thought the X could signify a tilting upside-down cross such as was used to martyr several of the early saints, anyway there goes my big mouth again. So Happy Christmas and thanks to everyone who bought our records, came to see us play and got in touch this year, the biggest and best we ever had (with 71 shows!). Look out for news of some European releases and shows early next year. Lots of love, the Clientele.