31 Aug 2010

Minotaur CD

  1. Minotaur
  2. Jerry
  3. As The World Rises and Falls
  4. Paul Verlaine
  5. Strange Town
  6. No. 33
  7. The Green Man
  8. Nothing Here Is What It Seems


Strange Town

Magnolias bloom now
In a strange town
When I look out there’s no one out there to be seen
Nobody’s walking in the streets
Just the moon on football fields

The streets in the wind now
In a strange town
Sound like a hand that’s tapping at my window pane
A silhouette out in the rain
An empty day by the seaside

For seventeen days now
In a strange town
I’ve felt my life moving so slowly into dreams
The nights awake, the days unreal
Waiting for your email*

*Apologies to Pipas for stealing this line from them