31 Aug 2010

Minotaur CD

  1. Minotaur
  2. Jerry
  3. As The World Rises and Falls
  4. Paul Verlaine
  5. Strange Town
  6. No. 33
  7. The Green Man
  8. Nothing Here Is What It Seems



What shall we do now then, Jerry?
Nothing’s on my mind
August heat has come and set
The tenements on fire

If the night brings jasmine on the breeze
Everybody looks like police
See the light see the shade
Are you afraid? Am I afraid?

Pick me up or let me fall or change me all around
With the afternoon in darkness,
Will it still come round?

See the light, feel the heat
See the faces in the street
See the stars see the sky
Like a razor on mine

And the people drift down from the avenues and lines
With coat and shoes I’m on my knees

What shall we do now then, Jerry?
Nothing’s in my heart
All my life my hands are empty
Haunted in the dark

If I fall in love with you
Are we one or am I too?
This is all I know
That my life is so…